Blue Mountains Snake Catcher

 Blue Mountains Snake Catcher  Neville Burns has been catching reptiles his entire life all over Australia. He currently lives in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney. If you need a snake catcher  blue mountains to come and pick up a problem snake then Neville is happy to help you out. All snakes are relocated in then mountains. Neville has all the current licenses that the NSW government requires. He is also an author! If you are seeking a Blue Mountains snake catcher then please free ring to ring Neville on.. 4759-1832                                                           Blue Mountains Snake Catcher

Blue Mountains snake catcher

Blue Mountains snake catcher is a blog about the work and life of Neville Burns one of the most famous reptile men in Australia. Neville ran away when he was a teenager to far North Queensland to catch snakes which are his passion. His second passion are salt water crocodiles. Neville has always been about conservation and education. The last thing he has ever wanted has been for people to be unrealistically scared of snakes. And Neville says “snakes are more scared of you than you are of them”. Most people in the blue mountains if they are bitten by a snake are doing one of two things. Trying to catch the snake or trying to kill it. Neville is the Blue Mountains snake catcher par excellence to call.!! Blue Mountains snake catcher